Domain management

We manage your domains, so you can relax


Keeping a proper track of all your domains can be cumbersome, and perhaps not part of your daily routine. With our Domain Management tools the full lifecycle of domains are processed by your personal Domain Manager.


Being a corporate and having to deal with domain names, domain marketing strategies can be time consuming and challenging. Via our Domain Management we offer this full service so you don’t have to worry about your domain name portfolio.

We offer for example: Domain Audits (where we take a look a your organization, your marketing plans, current state of portfolio and make an Audit on based on the by us gathered information and how to proceed in-house), we can organize a Domain Portfolio collection (where all domains are being centralized thus having only one partner for all your domains). We can Appraise your Domainname(s), upon this can be accounted as direct value and assets and support this with official Domain Validation reports. Or can take care of your whole domainname portfolio, when it comes to renewal – registration – technical settings – DNS services – forwarding – parking and so on.

Maximize the value of your domain portfolio

Brand owners are focused more than ever on rationalizing and optimizing their domain portfolios. Without visibility into portfolio metrics, domain portfolios can become bloated, misaligned and underutilized. Leveraging our access to data, Keen Network Media delivers key metrics and actionable intelligence that help global brand owners evaluate and improve domain portfolio performance. Maximize your domain investments using the intelligent solution that provides visibility and insights needed to effectively manage a global domain portfolio.

Comprehensive Solution

Flexible interface
Highly intuitive portal
Cost-effective enterprise-wide domain management
Highly configurable resource centers.
Easy to Understand Interface

Intelligence Driven Technology and Premium Security

Industry-advancing security
Intelligence-driven technology
Strategic Optimization
Anytime, anywhere domain management
Intelligent Registrations
Instant notifications

Deep Expertise and Strategic Guidance

Enhanced portfolio management
Your advocate in the industry
Consulting services
Unique understanding of the changing landscape
Dedicated Client Service Manager

Recapture revenue by optimizing your domain portfolio

As the trusted company in online brand protection, KNM provides advanced technology and expertise that protects the revenues and reputations of the world’s leading brands. Customers choose KNM for its unique combination of industry-leading expertise, advanced technology and extensive industry relationships to preserve their marketing investments, revenues and customer trust.