We love digital marketing and so will you.
We love digital marketing and so will you.

If you want to be found, make a written sound

You think now is fast, well the future will be even faster and you will have to keep reinventing yourself and your business to keep up. What is at risk is the human relationship which is at the very heart of who we are as humans.

We are starving as people to reconnect to the very essence of our being as our already “too connected yet disconnected society” is today. You’ve seen it. Your kids sending an Instagram post to you while sitting right next to you on the sofa, not a glance or a word shared, right? What we stand for at KNM? Keen Network Media is to recreate the human to human connection. After all we are all at our core people connecting to people.

You’ll LOVE working with KNM if:

You expect great results online

We’ve got the team and the track record that provides results time and time again.

You love a little personal attention

We’ll make you feel like our only client and send updates without waiting to be asked.

You need an agency who can do everything digital

From design, outreach, audits, content, all types of ads, we execute on every channel under one roof.

You love new creative ideas

Our innovative team is working tirelessly to give you the edge over your competitors.

We connect you with your target market, tell your story, and close…with your online voice. People need to connect with people. We believe the next trend in business is moving from B2B to a more personalized marketing and sales solution H2H (Human to Human). KNM Management is committed to training our humans to connect with other people the way people used to connect in a more personalized manner.


Our people want to fill your needs and are carefully coached and monitored to stay on task to complete your projects successfully online and on time. Customized market surveys and successful personalized solutions along with creative marketing concepts drive traffic to your online presence. Communication center KNM delivers results. Whatever you want, we are the connection to bring your dreams, goals and business to a happy close with real people delivering real results.

We are award winning internet entrepreneurs, authors and publishers brand creators, search engine specialists, web developers and website entrepreneurs with award winning expertise and based in North America since 1998. KEEN NETWORK MEDIA has been leading the way, visionary an efforts transforming the way we do business. The bottom line though is that we can help you be found online. If you want to be found, make a “written” sound.


Your web presence is all about you. You are the reason we exist. To get your name, your identity and your ideas in front of your market. You cannot thrive in the world today without being a cut above the rest. To find the needle in the proverbial haystack you must stand out above the rest.

Historically KEEN NETWORK MEDIA was created from an advertising and marketing company that sold advertisements in magazines, newspapers, directories, books, newsletters and websites since 1950. The target markets included ethnic, culturally focused newspapers, print directories for legal & medical usage, oilfield directories, children-centric, special needs, police, fire, crime, senior issues while creating more as issues arise over time.


The advertisements have been created in newspapers in many different mediums such as newspapers, magazines, books, print maps, leaflets, placemats, bathroom walls and through electronic media such as newsletters and website placement.

Currently, KEEN NETWORK MEDIA has evolved into the new world of marketing, branding, advertising by moving online with the knowledge of the advertising and publishing industry already in place. Additionally, many components of the sales process and funnel, including a large call center taught as a great deal about how to help our clients on a personal level which we honor and bring to our commitment to you as clients. If you want to be heard you must use your written word.


OUR VISION is to be a world leader connecting companies through all of our touch points so that we can empower parents of those with exceptional needs to work from home if they need or want to raise their family at home. In this day and age with diseases such as corona virus plaguing the planet, more and more people need options for their livelihood and it is our intention to offer a way to make this happen. By focusing on the newest trends and innovations in communication styles along with web-based solutions we can make a positive impact on the world.


KEEN NETWORK MEDIA is your solution to targeting the market without compromising your brand. We are industry leaders, providing communication solutions to our partners and businesses we represent through multi-channel platforms which we continue to develop and enhance.

With over 50 years of experience in marketing and communications, and 20 years actively online, we have stood the test of time with consistent innovation to provide the best experiences to all those involved with us.