Landing Page Creation & Optimization – If you have a landing page, we’ll analyze and optimize it for you, making sure that it is properly developed for maximum relevancy, quality score, user-experience and conversion effectiveness. If you need a new landing page developed, we’ll create one.

PPC Ad Creation & Submission – There are a variety of PPC ad types and formats, each with their own benefits. These include text ads, video ads, image ads, responsive ads, shopping ads, and more. We’ll recommend what kind you should be using based on your goals, then help you create ones that are creative, relevant and compelling.

PPC Bid Management – We’ll place, manage and track your PPC bids for relevant keywords and phrases based upon your budget, available historical competitive data and strategic analysis.

PPC Conversion Tracking – We’ll track and monitor the results of your PPC campaign, analyzing click-throughs, search terms, on-site actions and sales conversions.